Top 6 Must-Visit Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

Top 6 Must-Visit Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

                 Hello and welcome to Manhattan Beach, our beloved sun-kissed coastal gem where the charm of the beach meets a rich tapestry of culinary experiences. I'm Molly Hobin, a real estate agent with a family legacy in Manhattan Beach that spans nearly a century. Through this blog, I'm excited to share with you my personal picks for the best dining experiences our town has to offer. 

Manhattan Beach isn't just a picturesque beach town; it's a vibrant gastronomic destination, bursting with flavors that cater to all tastes. From the elegant settings of upscale steakhouses to the comforting ambiance of quaint bistros, each place has its own unique story and culinary delights. As a longtime member of this community, I've had the pleasure of experiencing the evolution of our local food scene and I'm thrilled to take you on a journey through some of the most distinguished and beloved eateries around.

Join me as we explore a selection of restaurants that not only serve exceptional food but also embody the spirit and character of Manhattan Beach. Whether you're a dedicated foodie or just in search of a delightful meal by the sea, I'm here to guide you through the diverse culinary landscape that makes our town a must-visit destination. So, let's dive into the flavors, stories, and experiences that make dining in Manhattan Beach truly special.


  1. Mangiamos: A Culinary Jewel in Manhattan Beach

Mangiamos in Manhattan Beach is a standout for its exceptional dining and ambiance. Renowned for blending traditional and contemporary flavors, this eatery caters to a diverse palate. Signature dishes like their perfectly cooked pasta and innovative seafood entrées showcase the chefs' commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The ambiance at Mangiamos combines rustic elements with modern chic, offering both cozy indoor seating and scenic outdoor dining. The service here is as notable as the food; attentive and warm, it makes every meal memorable.

Notable dishes at Mangiamos include:

  • Roasted Rack of Lamb with Blackberry Essence: A unique blackberry-infused specialty.
  • Potato-Crusted Halibut with Baby Artichokes and Spanish Olives: A testament to their innovative Italian cuisine.
  • Osso Buco: A classic Italian favorite at Mangiamos for over 35 years.
  • Vodka Pasta: A highly praised pasta dish.
  • Roadside Cannoli: A customer favorite and a must-try.

The restaurant's location adds to its allure, perfectly situated for a scenic Manhattan Beach backdrop. This, along with its culinary excellence and inviting atmosphere, makes Mangiamos a must-visit for those seeking the best of Manhattan Beach dining.


  1. Love & Salt: Where Italian Flavors Meet California Soul

Love & Salt in Manhattan Beach is a culinary gem where Italian cuisine meets the relaxed spirit of Southern California. Just steps away from the Manhattan Beach pier, it's a place where innovative cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere merge seamlessly.

The restaurant's menu is a celebration of Italian-inspired dishes infused with a Southern California twist. Key highlights include:

  • Seared California Striped Bass: A testament to the restaurant's fresh and vibrant flavors.
  • Japanese Mushroom Pizza: A delicious wood oven fired pizza  
  • Roasted Free-Range Chicken: A contemporary take on a classic, reflecting the inventive spirit of the menu.
  • Heritage Bone-In Pork Chop: Showcasing the commitment to quality and flavorful preparation.

Love & Salt's approachable and fresh cuisine also features unique dishes like crispy pig ears and roasted glazed pig head, illustrating their inventive culinary style. The warm Italian donuts served with Nutella further highlight the restaurant's ability to blend familiar and innovative flavors.

The ambiance adds to Love & Salt's allure. The refined, contemporary dining room with a sky-lit domed ceiling sets the stage for a memorable meal. Its proximity to the pier makes it an ideal spot for a romantic evening or a casual gathering.

In summary, Love & Salt is a must-visit destination in Manhattan Beach for those seeking an exceptional dining experience. Its blend of Italian-inspired cuisine with a Southern California soul, combined with a vibrant ambiance, makes it a standout choice for both locals and visitors.


  1. Nick's Restaurant: A Haven for Classic American Comfort Food in Manhattan Beach

Nick's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach is more than just a dining venue; it's a culinary gem that has carved a niche for itself with classic American comfort food, delectable bar snacks, and unique cocktails. Its upscale yet casual environment makes it a go-to spot for food lovers and those in search of a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant prides itself on a menu that balances traditional American cuisine with a contemporary flair. Key highlights include:

  • Warm Butter Cake: A rich and indulgent dessert that has become a patron favorite.
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Crispy and juicy, showcasing the restaurant's flair for classic comfort food.
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich: A crowd-pleaser with a crispy chicken patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce, all nestled in a soft brioche bun.
  • Prime Rib Dip Sandwich: A savory delight featuring thinly sliced prime rib with au jus, perfect for dipping.
  • San Francisco Cioppino: A standout seafood stew with a rich broth and an assortment of fresh seafood.

Nick's Restaurant's ambiance is as inviting as its menu. The perfect blend of upscale sophistication and casual comfort creates a convivial atmosphere suitable for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a special event or enjoying a casual night out, the chic setting and attentive service ensure a dining experience that is both delightful and unforgettable.

In summary, Nick's Restaurant stands as a testament to culinary excellence in Manhattan Beach. Its combination of classic American dishes, a warm ambiance, and impeccable service makes it a must-visit for anyone who values the joy of exceptional dining.


  1. Fête Bistro by Slay: A French-Mediterranean Feast in Manhattan Beach

Fête Bistro by Chef David Slay in Manhattan Beach is a celebration of French flair and Mediterranean charm. This casual yet stylish bistro is reminiscent of a quaint Parisian neighborhood, offering a unique dining experience that blends tradition with modernity.

As you enter Fête Bistro, you're greeted by two distinct rooms. One boasts minimalistic elegance adorned with antique caricatures, while the other offers a whimsical touch with playful monkey-themed wallpaper. These rooms set the stage for a dining experience that is as visually stimulating as it is delicious.

Key highlights of their menu include:

  • Croque Madame: A classic French dish with grilled Paris ham & Swiss cheese on brioche, topped with a fried egg and Sauce Mornay.
  • 5 Hour Lamb Shank: Paired with Israeli Cous Cous “Risotto” and Riesling Jus.
  • Beef Kebabs: Served with SEV Spring Onions and Tahini Sauce.
  • Prime Flat Iron Au Poivre: A tender 6 oz. steak with Dijon and peppercorn sauce.
  • Filet Mignon: A luxurious 7 oz. steak served with Béarnaise.
  • Moules: Mussels cooked in white wine, Dijon, and roasted garlic.
  • Roasted Salmon (Faroe Island): With a delicate Tarragon Beurre Blanc.

Fête Bistro’s culinary offerings are a true celebration of flavor, featuring fresh ingredients from the Slay Estate & Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills, CA. The menu is a testament to the restaurant’s ability to marry classic French techniques with a California twist.

The ambiance at Fête Bistro strikes a perfect balance between casual elegance and whimsical charm. It's an ideal spot for any celebration, from special occasions to casual evenings with friends. The restaurant’s warm and attentive service enhances the overall dining experience.

In conclusion, Fête Bistro by Slay stands as a culinary jewel in Manhattan Beach, embodying the joy and artistry of exceptional dining. It's a must-visit for anyone who seeks to indulge in a blend of French-Mediterranean cuisine and a convivial atmosphere.


  1. The Arthur J Steakhouse: Retro Elegance and Culinary Excellence

The Arthur J Steakhouse in Manhattan Beach stands out as a culinary beacon, especially for steak enthusiasts. This retro-inspired restaurant offers a unique blend of glamor, sophistication, and exceptional dining.

Upon entering, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere reminiscent of a classic era, with stylish decor, leather banquettes, and dim lighting creating an air of timeless elegance. The Arthur J is perfect for special occasions or a luxurious dining experience.

Key highlights of their menu include:

  • 12 Oz. R and R Ranch Filet Mignon: A prime example of their commitment to quality, this steak is a testament to their culinary expertise.
  • Prime Dry-aged Tomahawk Steak: This dish is not only a visual spectacle but also a celebration of the restaurant's mastery in dry-aging techniques.
  • Steak Tartare: Featuring heavily seasoned beef sirloin with quail egg and green peppercorn, served with rye toast, it epitomizes classic steakhouse fare.

The Arthur J's dedication to culinary excellence extends beyond steaks. The menu also features top-notch seafood selections like Alaskan halibut and Scottish salmon, showcasing their versatility and commitment to high-quality ingredients.

The bar at The Arthur J is a destination in itself, offering classic cocktails with modern twists and an extensive selection of craft beers. It's the perfect spot to complement your meal or to simply enjoy an evening drink.

In sum, The Arthur J Steakhouse is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience that combines top-notch service, exquisite cuisine, and a magnificent ambiance. It's a must-visit for anyone in Manhattan Beach looking for a dining experience that is both extraordinary and memorable, making it the second-best restaurant on our list.


 1.Slay Steak + Fish: Upscale Dining in Manhattan Beach

And my number one favorite restaurant in Manhattan Beach is Slay Steak House!

Slay Steak + Fish, a brainchild of Chef David Slay, is a hallmark of upscale dining in Manhattan Beach. It's not just a restaurant; it's an epitome of fine dining where sophistication meets culinary excellence.

As you enter, the chic and modern interior of Slay Steak House sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. This fine dining establishment is known for its stellar steak and seafood offerings, making it a favorite among culinary connoisseurs.

Highlighted dishes include:

  • Oysters & Shellfish: Fresh oysters on the half shell, chilled wild shrimp cocktail, and crudo of the day.
  • Starters: Delectable Parker House rolls, steak tartare, chicken liver pate, and crab rangoon.
  • Steaks & Chops: Prime selections like peppered flat iron steak, Creekstone Farm filet mignon, USDA rib eye steak, and stuffed pork chop.
  • Seafood: Spiced baked salmon, panko-crusted filet of sole, and Cape Cod scallops.
  • Sides: Beer-battered onion rings, Kennebec fries, and twice-baked cheddar & chive potato.

The farm-to-table concept is deeply ingrained in Slay Steak House’s philosophy, with fresh produce sourced from Chef Slay's Santa Barbara Country farm. This commitment to freshness is a cornerstone of their menu offerings.

Completing the experience, the restaurant offers a range of handcrafted cocktails, fine wines, and craft beers, thoughtfully selected to complement the exquisite dishes.

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, Slay Steak House is a must-visit for anyone seeking a luxurious dining experience in Manhattan Beach. Its combination of upscale ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and Chef David Slay’s culinary mastery make it a standout in the local dining scene.


As we wrap up this culinary tour of Manhattan Beach, I hope you've enjoyed discovering the unique flavors and experiences each of these top dining destinations has to offer. As someone deeply rooted in this community, sharing these personal favorites with you has been a joy. Remember, each restaurant we've explored is not just about the food; it's about the stories, the ambiance, and the people that make Manhattan Beach such a special place. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, I encourage you to experience these culinary gems for yourself. Here's to many memorable meals and the continued discovery of all the gastronomic delights our beautiful beach town has to offer. Bon appétit!

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