Top Date Ideas in Manhattan Beach: Romantic & Fun Activities for Couples

Top Date Ideas in Manhattan Beach: Romantic & Fun Activities for Couples

Welcome to the ultimate guide to date ideas in Manhattan Beach, where we've lined up a variety of activities that are perfect for couples looking for fun, romance, and memorable experiences! Whether you're kindling a new flame or stoking a lasting love, our curated list will surely ignite your passion and deepen your connection. 

From relaxing evenings like a cozy bonfire at Dockweiler Beach to more upbeat options like a round of golf at Topgolf, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore these fantastic date ideas that Manhattan Beach has to offer, promising both romantic vibes and plenty of fun!


Dessert Adventure

Embark on a delightful dessert crawl in Manhattan Beach, where each stop brings its own sweet surprise. 

Begin your sugary adventure at Salt & Straw, renowned for its inventive ice cream flavors. Here, indulge in unique tastes like Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons or Honey Lavender, perfect for sharing and discovering new favorites.

Next, stroll over to Manhattan Beach Creamery, a charming spot known for its nostalgic feel and homemade treats. Dive into their from-scratch flavors, with 28 varieties daily ensuring something for every palate. Don’t miss their signature 'cream'wich' – a heavenly ice cream sandwich with homemade cookies, a true testament to classic dessert craftsmanship.

Cap off your crawl at Nick's Manhattan Beach, a place where dessert is an art form! The warm butter cake here is legendary, a melt-in-your-mouth experience that many claim is the best they’ve ever had. If cake isn't your style, their lemon cake, banana cream pie, or caramelized banana split are equally indulgent choices.

This dessert crawl is more than just a tasting tour; it's a journey through Manhattan Beach's sweetest offerings, creating a perfect blend of exploration, indulgence, and shared moments of delight."


Night Golf at Topgolf

Looking for a lively and slightly flirty date night in Manhattan Beach? Look no further than Top Golf, where the game of golf turns into an amusing dance of connection and laughter. It's not just a place to play; it's where playful competition meets romantic sparks.

Imagine this: you're at Top Golf, and there's a moment to 'teach' your date how to swing a golf club. It's the perfect excuse for a little innocent flirtation, with laughter guaranteed whether the ball flies straight or takes a hilarious detour. The game becomes less about golf and more about those shared chuckles and light-hearted banter. Whether you're aiming for the high score or just trying to not miss the ball, each game is an opportunity to bond over the joy of playing together.


Beach Bonfire at Dockweiler

Think of a bonfire date at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey – it's laid-back, a little romantic, and definitely fun. This beach is known for its fire pits, perfect for a cozy evening by the sea. 

Now, what's a beach bonfire without the classic s’mores and your favorite snacks? Imagine hanging out by the fire, attempting to roast marshmallows without burning them (it’s harder than it looks), and just enjoying the simple things. It’s not fancy, but that’s the charm of it.

Don't forget, keeping the beach clean is part of the deal. It’s like unwritten beachgoer code – enjoy your time, then tidy up. It’s good beach karma.

Dockweiler Beach is more than just a place to light a fire; it's where you can chill out, have a laugh, and make those casual, 'wasn’t that a great night?' memories. So, pack up some beach blankets, grab a lighter, and head down to Dockweiler for a bonfire date that’s as easy going as it is memorable!


Romantic Coastal Walk: Discovering Manhattan to Hermosa Pier

Picture this: a scenic walk from Manhattan Pier to Hermosa Pier, spiced up with a lively bar crawl. It's an adventure that combines the beauty of the beach with the excitement of exploring local hotspots.

Start your journey at Manhattan Pier, taking in the ocean's vast beauty. As you embark on the approximately 2-mile walk to Hermosa Pier, plan to make a few refreshing stops along the way.

  • Shellback Tavern: Near Manhattan Pier, start with this laid-back beach bar. It's known for its casual vibe and great selection of drinks, making it a perfect first stop.
  • The Strand House: A little further along, you'll find this spot with an amazing ocean view. It's a bit more upscale, offering craft cocktails and a sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Simmzy's: As you continue, Simmzy's is great for its lively ambiance. Known for its craft beers and tasty bites, it’s a nice spot to recharge.
  • Hennessey’s Tavern: Once you're in Hermosa Beach, Hennessey's is a classic choice. It's a friendly Irish pub where you can enjoy a good brew with a view.
  • The Lighthouse Café: Near Hermosa Pier, wrap up your bar crawl with some live music here. It’s a historic spot with a great selection of drinks and often hosts jazz and blues bands.

This walk-and-bar-crawl combo is more than just a date; it's an exploration of local culture, flavors, and fun. With each stop offering its unique vibe, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of scenes and drinks. It’s a perfect way to create a memorable, fun-filled evening."


Wine Tasting at Uncorked

Uncorked is more than just a wine bar; it's a vibrant hotspot that offers a unique blend of experiences, perfect for an unforgettable date night. Imagine sitting outside, sipping on a flight of exquisite wines, all while being serenaded by live music – it’s an idyllic setting for romance and relaxation.

Every Thursday, Uncorked Hermosa becomes even more enchanting with the tunes of BJ Arnold, adding a delightful musical backdrop to your wine tasting adventure. The live music elevates the atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for those who appreciate good wine and good melodies.

But that's not all – Uncorked also offers an intriguing twist with psychic readings on select nights. It’s a fun and perhaps slightly mysterious addition to your date, sparking conversations and maybe even some playful predictions about your future together.

This wine bar is a gem for date nights, where you can enjoy a wide range of wines, from California Chardonnays to other carefully selected varieties. The knowledgeable staff are there to guide you through the selections, making each tasting both an educational and a sensory delight. Uncorked stands out as a perfect destination for couples seeking an evening filled with fine wines, charming music, and a touch of the unexpected.

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